Top Place for Picking Apple in Washington

There is no autumn or late summer experience without some apple picking in Washington. With Washington producing over 60% of the apple supplies in the US, taking a trip to do some picking with family and friends can be quite exciting.

Apples are usually ready for picking from September to October. Apple picking makes a great weekend getaway. You can be sure kids will love it. Apple picking is fun, and the taste of fresh apples is even more exciting. However, you need a great place close to home and with a bountiful harvest.

So, what are the top places to go apple picking in Washington State? Let’s see some of the best apple orchards in Washington.


About two and a half away from Seattle, Wenatchee is a top place for apple picking. Historically, Wenatchee is known as the Apple Capital. This is one of the oldest apple orchards dating back over 100 years.

If you love all different types of apples, then the orchard offers multiple apples to harvest. It’s also home to the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, which takes place every spring. It’s a top place for fruit fanatics and one that I highly recommend.

There is a further 11-mile hiking Apple Capital Loop Trail. Make sure you get your walking boots and carry some trailing sticks for added fun. Farms in the area are quite popular, allowing visitors to pick bushels of Gala, Gold Delicious, Fuji and many more.

They also started late picking in Elberta peaches. Apart from apples, visitors can also pick pluots, nectarines, pears and cherries.

Skipley Farm — Snohomish

Skipley is another exciting place to enjoy apple picking. It’s a large 7.5-acre farm with a wide range of apple varieties. Here, you’ll find varieties like Zester, Gravenstein, and William’s Pride. Most of the apples on this farm are usually ripe and ready for picking in late summer.

The farm offers more than just apples. You can also enjoy picking blackberries, Seneca plums, blueberries and Bartlett pears. It’s a great time to taste and enjoy different fruits before they go out of season.

Enjoy some gardening? The farm has a nursery, so be sure to carry some seedlings.

Skagit Valley, WA

Skagit Valley in Washington is known for its tulip farms which are quite colorful. This is the most versatile place when you want to pick all kinds of fruits. Farms in this valley are home to over 90 different types of fruits, including apples.

You can start your day experiencing the U-pick apple orchard at Hoehn Bend farm. Take the kids to also experience farm animals. Here, they can feed animals, collect eggs and much more.

There are also the Jones Creek farms within the area with over 50 apple varieties.

Apple Creek Orchard, Ferndale

Want to taste some fresh apples and come home with more at bargain prices? Visit the Apple Creek Orchard Ferndale. The farm is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. 

You can plan your schedule and get to enjoy a wide variety of apples. Here, you can pick and buy snow pick sweet apples, Gala, Jonagold, Mutsu and Melrose. All the apples here go for 15$ per gallon. 

Be sure to carry some back home for those who didn’t make the trip.

Bill’s Berry Farm — Grandview

This is another must-visit place for apple picking this summer. Located in the Yakima Valley, the farm is pretty fertile and one with all types of apples. You can plan your trip to coincide with the farm’s September 4 festival.

The festival is quite exciting with a wide range of activities. Know how to aim with a sling? How about some apple slingshots? There are also tractor rides, apple cider pressing and corn mazes.

It’s a great place for all family fun and excitement. The farm offers more than just fruit picking during the festival. Looking to take some fruit back home? Be sure to carry your own containers.

Bellewood Farms — Lynden

This is one of the largest apple farms in Western Washington and one to consider visiting. The farm is home to over 25,000 apple trees. You can be sure of a great field day picking apples.

Looking to visit early? Varieties that ripen early, like Tsugarus, Gravensteins, and Zesters, are usually ready by September 1. But you can still come a month later when varieties like Jonagold and Honeycrisp are ready.

The farm gets into full swing harvesting by October with over nine apple varieties ready for picking. There is a farm store and cafe nearby where you can make some goodies after a long day of picking.

Final Verdict

Looking to spend quality time outdoors? Why not plan a trip to one of these amazing orchards? You can be sure of an amazing experience picking and tasting some of the freshest and tastiest apples.

Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us!